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Photographs from the Field

Sometimes I go into the field, not to look for remains, but to capture images of small creatures in their natural habitats. Here are some samples.

  1. bluedragonfly-0922web.jpg

  2. frontyarddragonfly-1562-1web.jpg

  3. frontyarddragonfly-1595web.jpg

  4. Black Racer at Beaver Marsh Preserve

  5. Chinese Mantis

  6. How Trickle Down Economics Works

  7. Carolina Mantis

  8. Mantis Stalks Spider

    Here a preying mantis lurks in the background waiting for the garden spider to make a wrong move.

  9. Parasitized Tobacco Hornworm

  10. Mantis Consumes Hornworm and Parasitic Wasp Cocoons

  11. Green Lynx Spider with Brown Stinkbug 1

  12. Green Lynx Spider with Brown Stinkbug 2

  13. Brood XIX Cicada, 2011-1

  14. Brood XIX Cicada 2011-2

  15. Garden Spider

  16. Waiting for Mom at Beaver Marsh Preserve