Photography and more from Jim Lee's Bamboo Turtle Studio

Jim Lee

  1. Shrines and Other Structures

  2. Lanterns and Gourds

    Still lifes and textural studies of Japanese lanterns, dried gourds, and other vegetable remains.

  3. Still Lifes from Collections

    A series of still lifes composed of artifacts and remains gathered in the field and photographed in the studio.

  4. Squrrel Skull Study and Other Scans

    A collection of images of a single squirrel skull and some of its parts.

  5. Impressions. Intaglios, Reliefs. and Other Textural Studies

  6. Wasp Paper Compositions

    Playing with separated layers of paper from a bald-faced hornet nest and other objects and materials.

  7. Leaf Cutouts and Collages

  8. Organics, Geometrics, Translucence, and Gravity: A Study

  9. Railroads

    Images of textures and compositions around abandoned railroad tracks.

  10. Appropriations and Political Work

    Work that involves commerce, old masters, commentary, political statements , and more. Warning: Heavy Photoshopping in some cases,…

  11. Let Us Prey: Verses I and II

  12. Sculpture Project

    This is an aluminum maquette of one of the paper sculptures I use in the creation of my Shrines series if photographs.