Photography and more from Jim Lee's Bamboo Turtle Studio

Jim Lee

Where To See My Work And Other Updates


My recent solo show in Wilmington, NC curated by Mike Williams of the Black on Black Project and supported by the Durham Art Guild is closed now. The exhibit,"The Curiosity of Jim Lee" was up through December 7th. Thanks ot all who came to check it our. You can still see my artist's talk by clicking here.

One of my cut leaf images, Cutout 65b, is featured on page 81 of a recent edition of the North Carolina Literary Review. Click on the link to read it online.

Thoughts and Prayers art bombs were deployed in 2019 to various locations in the area including 21C Museum Hotel, The Nasher Museum of Art at Duke University, Durham Arts Council, Visual Art Exchange, The Carrack Modern Art, and more. I produced a limited edition of sixteen of them. Most, but not all, have been taken down now. Many are in the hands of collectors. Only one or two remain available for deployment or purchase. Get in touch if you are interested. Mass shootings seemed to have diminished for awhile, at least during the height of the pandemic. I had hoped this would be an ongoing pause but, alas, here we go again. It saddens me that these pieces remain relevant.

You can always find my work here in my website. Look for me on Facebook and Instagram (@jim5058) as well. To really stay in touch,  go to my "Get in Touch" page and sign up to receive my infrequent emails about what I am up to.